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Paint Brush Making Machine

Paint Brush Bristle Making Machine

Machine Size:5000mm×1000mm×1500mm
Filling scope : 44mm and above, filaments or bristles,for size 1"- 5" brush
Speed:around 1500~1800pcs/hour
Operator:2person(1 to feed the material, 1 to take out the finished head)
Gross Weight:Around 1.5ton

This paint brush bristle making machine will greatly improve your production efficiency and quality, save your labor cost,this single machine can:
1.replace 4 highly skilled workers;
2.make the bristle/ filaments filling become automatic,easy to complete and highly efficient.
3.minimize the defective ratio to nearly Zero;
The paint brush making machine is very stable function,the core parts introduced from Germany,every detail is greatly workmanship and carefully assembled,to enable the perfect working performance at long time.